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Meet SMS, the Fulfillment and Distribution Company that Can Make Your Sales and Marketing Efforts Successful

SMS Fulfillment & Distribution is a division of Specialized Marketing Services, Inc. established in 1988 by our CEO, Gloria Robbins. After spending years in the corporate world dealing with the same sales and marketing woes you have – a world where a great vision and plan can be undermined by poor attention to detail and execution, she knew there had to be a better way and envisioned SMS as the solution. An organization that's a one-stop-shop for comprehensive marketing support services, allowing clients to focus their on growing their businesses without getting caught up in the day-to-day demands of Marketing Logistics. A company that understands the supply-chain challenges you face on a daily basis and is here to help enhance your fulfillment and distribution operations.

Why you'll love having SMS as your fulfillment and distribution partner:

We're Flexible

Your needs are unique, which means our solutions have to be unique too. And, at SMS, that's the case every day. We're committed to providing services that work best for you, not for us. Through collaboration, we'll gain insight into your objectives, time frames, budgets, and how your company does business then develop and implement the most efficient and cost effective program that matches each of your needs and then delivers on them.

We're Fastidious

If you've invested in a brilliant campaign strategy and compelling creative, you'll want a partner that can execute with the same care you used to create it. At SMS, we're able to achieve superior quality through rigorous process controls, including strict adherence to ISO 9001 processes. Our long-tenured, dedicated employees will provide you with excellent service to ensure "best-in-class" results.

We're Constantly Improving

We value technology and strive to stay on the cutting-edge of 3rd party fulfillment logistics. Our versatile, high-tech solutions make sure your employees, customers and vendors stay satisfied. Not all solutions are alike and we're ready to develop an innovative system to ensure your marketing logistics run smoothly.

We're Measurable

As an SMS client, you'll work with a team that won't just work to meet your expectations — we'll exceed them. We're constantly monitoring and surpassing our metric-based Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for our clients to ensure we'll excel. And, at the end of the day, we'll review and measure your results to find out how to make them even better. Our continual improvement initiatives are just one part of how we achieve grades like these:

  • 99.97% overall pick and pack accuracy
  • 99.6% on-time shipment
  • 100% rush order on-time shipment
  • 100% order inventory management and accuracy hand-counted
  • 100% weight-verification of inventory based on industry plus 10%
  • 99.74% inventory availability within 24 hours of receipt

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