TrakPax™ Shipping Refund Services

TrakPax™ helps you save on shipping costs:

TrakPax™ is a value-added service that SMS Fulfillment & Distribution provides independently or in conjunction with our fulfillment solutions. When UPS and FedEx deliveries are late, even by just one minute, customers could be eligible for a shipping refund referred to as Service Failure Refund (SFR). However, because reclaiming funds can be time consuming and complicated, most SFRs, or about $2 billion annually, go uncollected.

How TrakPax™ gets UPS refunds and FedEx refunds:

We use TrakPax proprietary software that automatically monitors every package shipped, and identifies eligible and often hard-to-find deliveries and requests a refund. Every package is tracked to its final destination and is automatically checked against complex refund requirements. With TrakPax, SMS typically recovers 3–8% of our clients' UPS and FedEx shipping expenses. TrakPax also automatically provides clients with detailed carrier operations and performance info, which can be valuable when renegotiating shipping contracts.

Once you provide SMS with your shipper account information, we will begin requesting UPS refunds and FedEx refunds on your behalf. The money goes directly back into your account and you are later invoiced for a percentage of the refunds. That means you have complete control over your refunds and only pay when you see profits.

Who can sign up for TrakPax™ to refund shipping costs:

Any company with a UPS or FedEx account may be eligible for TrakPax service and can save on shipping costs. And you don't have to be a SMS customer—TrakPax is offered as its own value-added service in addition to SMS' fulfillment services. Plus there are no upfront fees and no long-term contracts, so you don't start paying SMS until you start making money!







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