Warehousing & Inventory Management

Our storage, warehousing and cross-docking solutions are responsive, accountable, and measureable. You’ll have access to nearly 100,000 square feet of safe, clean and secure storage, including general and high security. Our time-tested and constantly updated inventory management system allows us to track your product from before it arrives at our facilities to the minute it arrives at your customers’ door steps, while providing you with insight and confidence all along the way.

Disaster Recovery Plan — Our detailed disaster recovery plan has been reviewed and approved by the ISO auditing authority. In fact, it has been deemed one of the most comprehensive plans ever reviewed by their organization.

Security — Our video surveillance system stores the video capture in electronic format, which can then be accessed by senior management from any Internet-enabled computer to view as live feed or historical footage. Our inventory procedures also include a layered access protocol, which varies by the type of product being stored.

Why Choose SMS for Your Warehousing Needs?

  • Transparency — – Online and offline account management allows for trackable, easy-to-use inventory management access.
  • Security — Eliminate worry with safe, secure storage of your goods.
  • Fulfillment Center — Reduce your supply-chain headaches with inventory management and fulfillment warehousing all under one roof.

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